22 January 2019

DSP Mobile: Plan & Equipment Libraries

As mention in an earlier post, Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition (DSPME) allows you to browse and import plans from the Plan Library in the Deep-Sky Planner Community at knightware.biz. This post discusses this and the ability to import equipment lists from the Community.

Accessing plans and equipment lists (resources) online is a simple process: first, you download a list of available resources, and then you can download the resource and store it on your device. Any of these resources can be deleted later if you like.

[Note: Screenshots for this post were made on a 10" iPad tablet with the BunkerGray app style. The Community is running on a test server.]

The Latest Plans in the Community

You can scroll through the list of plans to review them, and tap Get when you want to download one. The plan is stored on your device and can be opened with Plans on Device.

Browsing and downloading equipment lists works similarly. The screenshot below shows the equipment lists available from the Community. The equipment lists can be sorted by manufacturer or by type [instruments, eyepieces, filters, barlows/reducers, observers, cameras].

Equipment Lists in the Community

You can browse these lists and tap Get to retrieve the equipment list you want. The equipment is stored on your device and may be viewed with Equipment.

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