26 November 2018

DSP Mobile: Transferring Data

Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition (DSPME) allows you to import plans created by Deep-Sky Planner 7 Desktop Edition via a cloud service or from the Deep-Sky Planner Community at knightware.biz. This option does not require the Desktop Edition. This post explores the first option: importing data from the cloud. The latter option will be described in a later post.

Importing from the cloud is intended for users who own both the Mobile and Desktop Editions of Deep-Sky Planner, and who use a cloud service to transfer data between them. Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are currently supported.

A cloud service may be used to transfer more than just observing plans. Equipment lists and locations may also be transferred. Importing data is as simple as logging into the cloud service from DSPME and downloading file(s) to your device.  The screenshot below shows the feature as it appears on a 10" Android tablet.

File Import via Cloud
[Note that Deep-Sky Planner Desktop Edition will be enhanced in a future release to include support for storing plans, equipment lists and location lists to a cloud service from within the application. Until that enhancement is available, you can use a web browser or an app designed for the service to store data on the cloud service.]

Once a file has been downloaded and stored to your device, the app needs no further connection to the Internet for you to use the plan/equipment/location. They appear elsewhere in the application for you to use.

Plans Stored on the Device
Using Deep-Sky Planner Desktop Edition to create observing plans and the Mobile Edition at the telescope offers the best of both worlds - the most flexibility and control in creating your observing plans and the convenience of using your mobile device to view accurate data away from your desktop computer.

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