21 September 2011

DSP5.1 Update - Beta 4 is Underway

Beta #4 is a feature-complete build of this free update to version 5. We are now working through testing and documentation (oh, joy). After a bit more testing we should know more about a release date. October looks like a very busy month for Knightware...

A lot of updates have happened across the astronomy software community since Deep-Sky Planner v5.0.3 was released in May. The latest versions of these partners' products have been verified against Deep-Sky Planner 5.1.0:
  • ASCOM 6
  • Cartes du Ciel v3.4.1
  • Redshift 7 SP1
  • Starry Night Pro Plus v6.4.3
  • TheSkyX v10.1.11
  • OpenAstronomyLog 2.1
Teaser: Testers are enjoying the latest plan-building feature added in beta 4. A user can drag and drop items from any Deep-Sky Planner report onto a plan. A preview video is the best way to demonstrate this, so we'll try to get one published in October.

06 September 2011

DSP5.1 Update - Beta 3 still under test

Beta 3 is going well. With one usability issue being addressed and two final feature additions pending, this week should end with a fairly solid build, Beta #4. Testers are currently using Beta #3 to develop plans that can be shared with other users once version 5.1 is released. More on this soon.

Deep-Sky Planner plans can be used in some interesting new ways (screenshots below):
  • Plans are being converted (using a temporary tool) into Argo Navis User catalog files and uploaded via Argonaut. Knightware thanks Wildcard Innovations for their kind assistance while developing support for the Argo Navis.
  • Plans are being exported to HTML and viewed on an Android tablet browser.
  • Plans are being printed to PDF format and being shared with non-DSP users. They have also been loaded and viewed on a Kindle.

A Plan in Deep-Sky Planner

The same plan converted to PDF (shown in Acrobat Reader) and HTML (shown in Internet Explorer)