11 May 2009

Now Playing on YouTube

Customers have requested tutorial videos for our software products, so we have created a channel on YouTube for these videos. You can access the channel at http://www.youtube.com/knightwareontube.

The first series of videos covers the new SQM Reader Pro product. You can watch these either on the Knightware website (http://www.knightware.biz/community/public/sqm1/video.htm) or on Knightware's YouTube channel. For those new to YouTube, you don't need an account to watch, just visit either web page and click play on the video player.

Your comments on the videos are welcome. You can send them via e-mail, post a comment at YouTube, or post to the product's Yahoo Group.

More videos will be published soon so please stay tuned. Thanks for watching!

07 May 2009

SQM Reader Pro Introductory Price Expires Soon

SQM Reader Pro has been on the market now for a few months. The introductory price for digital download and CD versions will increase on June 15, but the prices will remain extremely reasonable. SQM Reader will remain available by digital delivery at no charge.

Why the increase in a soft economy? As you might expect, there are many reasons. First, there were investments in several software products used to develop and support the new product. Those expenses need to be recovered to make way for further product development at Knightware. Furthermore, and very fortunately, demand has exceeded expectations. The product is already in use on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Users' feedback on functionality and ease of use has been very positive.

Many of the new technologies used in SQM Reader Pro are finding their way into Deep-Sky Planner. This includes more than just reading the meter. Look for more on this in future posts. In the meantime, if you're thinking about getting a copy of SQM Reader Pro, you may want to grab one before the increase takes effect.