08 June 2020

What's brewing at Knightware

First and foremost, we are well and hope you are too. I have heard from several users about friends or family that have had COVID-19. It has really brought home the fact that it is everywhere. Please be safe.

Because Knightware's spring travels were canceled (including NEAF), there has been more time in the office and less on the road. I've missed seeing users but I've gotten a lot done. For example, I've been updating equipment lists in the Community. Take a look and see what's new. I plan to continue updating equipment data over the summer (I'm in northern hemisphere: North Carolina, USA).

I've also updated Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition for iOS and iPadOS recently. The app was not broken, but Apple announced some new requirements that needed attention.

Updating DSPME on the App Store

I am still waiting for an anticipated update to my development gear that will allow me to address new Google requirements. It also is not broken but the Android app needs some updates.

Since I have just received a major upgrade to my compiler and libraries, I am busy changing Windows and mobile software to use the new compiler and libraries. Thankfully, things are going smoothly but there is much to do. Stay well!