26 July 2009

Sleepy Summertime

Despite the usual summertime distractions (kids & vacation), work at Knightware rolls on...

A new video series has been published describing logging work flows in Deep-Sky Planner 4. Visit the video library to watch these videos.

A nice review of SQM Reader Pro appeared in the July/August issue of Astronomy Technology Today magazine. Author Jack Huerkamp put Unihedron's SQM-LE through its paces using SQM Reader and SQM Reader Pro.

I hope you had the opportunity to observe the impact site on Jupiter this week. The impact site is at 210 degrees longitude (system 2). You can use Deep-Sky Planner's Detailed Planet Ephemeris report to display the system 2 longitude on the central meridian of the planet at any time (see below).