18 March 2019

DSP Mobile Is Here!

Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition has been submitted to Apple and Google for review! Any issues identified by their processes will need to be addressed before the app is released to the respective app stores.

[Update: DSPME is now available from both Apple and Google ]

What to expect

Users will receive a native code app (not a web app) that runs on Android 4.4+ and iOS 11+. The app has been adapted to fit both tablet and phone form factors. The phone-sized screen is packed with data and special user interface capabilities to help present the data in a usable way. The additional screen space of tablets is also used to advantage.

The native code app performs ephemeral calculations so that you know where objects are in the sky at any time and place. These ephemeral calculations provide other advantages too like accurate double star ephemerides; planet, sun, moon, asteroid and comet ephemerides; predicted extrema for variable stars. Along with all of these ephemeral calculations comes real-time data filtering and sorting.

The entire Plan and Equipment Libraries are available to the app so there is no shortage of observing resources. Please stay tuned for updated status.

Home screen in night vision style, iPad 9.7"

Plan screen in night vision style, Samsung Galaxy S7 Android phone

Plan screen in Wedgewood style, iPhone 6s
Plan screen in Calypso style, Nexus 7 Android tablet
Plan Library screen in BunkerGray style, iPad tablet
Cloud Import screen in BunkerGray style, iPad tablet

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