14 February 2019

DSP Mobile: Test Progress

Testing of Deep-Sky Planner Mobile (DSPME) has been underway for several weeks. All app features have been implemented so testing is focused on bugs and usability issues. We have been working mostly with tablets so far, but adjustment for phones is underway.

Community screen on Android phone
The attached screen shot shows the latest observing plans uploaded to the Deep-Sky Planner Community. You can read more about this feature in our previous post.

We have found that a small tablet is perhaps the best form factor (device size) for the app. Small tablets have enough 'screen real estate' to show details while remaining small enough to be held conveniently. Small tablets currently used in testing include the 8" Samsung tablet and the iPad Mini.

We will continue to adjust the user interface for usability on phones. An update on that progress will follow in a week or two.