13 September 2009

Logging Update and New Videos

Knightware has published yet another video series, this time concerning deep-sky observation planning. In particular, features found in Deep-Sky Planner's Advanced Deep-Sky document and report are described in a six-part series. Please visit the video library to watch the series or any individual video.

As mentioned in this blog in January, Knightware has participated in an international effort to develop and publish an observation data file format that is freely available, ostensibly to astronomy application developers. The effort is called OpenAstronomyLog, or OAL for short. Its home on the web is located at http://groups.google.com/group/openastronomylog. Support for the OAL standard in Deep-Sky Planner has been under development for some months and is nearly complete. The OAL group needs to agree that a new version (2.0) of the standard is ready for release, and Deep-Sky Planner will support it thereafter. Please watch for further news on this topic.