23 August 2011

DSP5.1 Update - Third beta released for field testing

The third beta build is in the hands of a small number of testers now. The number of bugs reported so far is at a comfortably low level. The next beta release (#4) should contain the final feature additions for version 5.1. Early results from that release will give good visibility for a release date. Please stay tuned.

Feature creep for version 5.1 will include support for an imminent update to OpenAstronomyLog (version 2.1). I also hope there will be some announcements soon about other developers adopting OAL support for their products. I've heard from two that are working on it presently.

Logging integration in the new plan document

PS: The Aug 23 earthquake was felt at the Knightware office. Monitors and lamps shook, but no damage. It's been a weird summer...

08 August 2011

DSP5.1 Update - First beta complete, second beta begins

Results of the first beta test period of Deep-Sky Planner 5.1 have been very useful, particularly comments on usability. One issue was highlighted for inclusion in this release rather than being deferred to a later one. Accuracy and stability look good so far.

A second beta is out now and is still focused on usability, stability and accuracy. At present, 3 more beta test releases are planned for an expanding number of testers.