21 September 2012

Mobile Astronomy

A poll has been running all summer on Knightware's Deep-Sky Planner web page regarding the use of mobile devices for astronomy. The results are definitely surprising.

The poll asks 'which mobile device do you use for astronomy?' When the poll began, we expected the majority vote-getter would be iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod), followed by Android and None. Mobile astronomy software makers like Southern Stars report that their iOS app sales are far more than their Android app sales. Further, the hoopla surrounding each iPad/iPhone release is a marketing extravaganza, so iOS seemed to be a slam dunk prediction.

Poll results at the time of this writing are different. Surprisingly, Android has the lead at 46%, followed by iOS at 30%, and None at 24%. Android has held the lead for the duration of the poll too.

The poll will remain open for a few more weeks, so please cast a vote if you like. The poll is found on the Deep-Sky Planner product page. Final results will be posted here when the poll concludes.

Another Twist: Windows 8

Knightware has been testing its software products on Windows 8. Fortunately, test results indicate full compatibility so far. Having used Windows 8 for only a short time, it's hard to predict how the public will accept it, although the opinion of it at Knightware is not so good. Perhaps it will become a significant player in the mobile astronomy market, but that seems to be some years away.