14 January 2019

DSP Mobile: Settings

Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition (DSPME) provides a Settings screen for displaying and modifying app-wide settings. At the moment, it contains configuration options for the download and display of Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) images, and it contains your selection of the application's display style.

[Screenshots were produced on a 10" iPad using the RegalBlue or BlackRed (nightvision) style.]

DSS Options

DSPME allows you to download DSS images for the objects in your observing plans. When you download DSS images, the size of the image is automatically selected based on the size of the object in the plan. For objects that do not have a size metric (like stars), a default size value can be set.

DSS Settings: Image Size and Invert Colors
You can also choose to invert the colors of the image when it is displayed. The default is white on black; inverted produces black on white.

DSS image of M 31 shown with inverted colors

DSS image of M 31 shown with normal colors
DSS images are served from 2 different websites. If one is unavailable temporarily, you can choose the other.

App Style

Several styles are provided with DSPME. You can choose the one that suits your taste. The BlackRed (nightvision) style is included to help keep your eyes dark-adapted. This style should be used along with brightness settings for your device screen to yield a useful display in a dark environment.

Plan displayed in BlackRed (nightvision) style

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