12 October 2018

Coming soon: Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition

Knightware is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition. It is planned for release in Q1 2019 for Android and iOS devices. It is currently targeted at 7 inch and larger tablets with support for phone-sized screens also coming.

The app has been under evaluation since 2014 and in development since late 2017. A few features remain to be developed for the initial release. Once all features have been added there will be a small, focused beta test program.

The app is designed to be used with or without Deep-Sky Planner Desktop Edition (for Windows). Mobile Edition users will have access to the Deep-Sky Planner Plan Library and equipment lists on the Knightware website. Users of the Desktop Edition will be able to create their own observing plans, equipment lists and location lists, and transfer them to the Mobile Edition via cloud storage services.

The screenshots below were acquired on a 9.7" iPad with the app running its blue-green Calypso skin and the red and black Nightvision skin.The app will ship with several additional skins.

Main app window - Calypso skin

Main app window - Nightvision skin

The observing plan window below shows deep-sky objects in the Messier list. The window includes catalog data, ephemeral (calculated) data and visibility modeling. Stars, doubles, variables, planets, asteroids and comets are also supported.

Plan window - Calypso skin
Plan window - Nightvision skin
Please stay tuned for more information about Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition in the weeks to come.

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