29 December 2015

A Deep-Sky Planer user asked me to create observing plans for objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). The data came from 5 catalogs revised by Mati Morel of New South Wales, Australia. I contacted Mr. Morel about the project, and he kindly gave permission for me to use his work. He also sent me the latest updates to his data.

Small Magellanic Cloud. Credit: NASA/CXC/JPL-Caltech/STScI
The data in this series of plans are contained in 5 lists compiled from examining the Hodge & Wright atlas of the SMC (1977). Mr. Morel examined the atlas and consulted various sources for position, magnitude and size information for each object. He also included comments on many objects. I have used the latest published data from SIMBAD for position, magnitude and size. There appears to be little difference between the two sets of data, except that magnitude information is somewhat different. There is photometric data available for most objects in multiple bands. The band used for the magnitude data for each object in the plans is indicated. Magnitude data in the V band is preferred where available. I believe this is more useful to visual observers.

Together, the 5 plans contain 405 objects. Some entries are duplicated among the catalogs, but together these represent a thorough coverage of nebulae and clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud.

The plans in the Deep-Sky Planner Plan Library are named:
  • SMC Henize nebulae
  • SMC Hodge Wright clusters
  • SMC Kron clusters
  • SMC Lindsay clusters
  • SMC Westerlund Glaspey clusters

  1. Morel's comments are maintained in the User text column. These are essential to his work.
  2. Object types in DSP are not as narrowly defined as those in SIMBAD. For example, 'Open Cluster' is assigned in Deep-Sky Planner to object types 'cluster of stars', 'star association and the like in SIMBAD.
  3. Lindsay's paper is crucial to understanding the clusters in the SMC. You can read it here.
  4. Lindsay 106 and 109 are mislabeled on the Hodge & Wright (1977) atlas of the SMC

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