12 December 2013

Astronomy Films

Knightware has made minor contributions to the making of two films in the recent past. One film has been released, the other will be released next summer. In each case, the filmmakers are providing some very impressive entertainment for amateur astronomers.

The first film is Ces Fous d'Astronomie (translated: "those crazy about astronomy"). It is a 60 minute film about astronomers, and it is available now on DVD from http://www.fousdastro.com/. Knightware contributed a copy of SQM Reader Pro in support of the project.

The film highlights several astronomers in their quest to view and image the night skies. Several well-known amateur and professional astronomers appear in the movie (Christian Buil, Thierry LeGault, Nicolas Outters, Hubert Reeves, André Brahic). You'll need to brush up your French for this one - it is in French with no subtitles and is beautifully produced. You can learn more and view a trailer at http://www.fousdastro.com/.

Used by permission of SV2 Studios
The second film is In Saturn's Rings. This is a unique production - taking over a million images produced by Hubble Space Telescope and various spacecraft, and processing them into an IMAX format film. The film will include a professionally written score performed by the Greensboro (NC) Symphony Orchestra, giving a real treat to eye and ear.

The film is due to be released in summer 2014, but snippets have been available for viewing over recent years. The snippets have been nothing less than stunning! You can learn more about the film and view a trailer at http://www.insaturnsrings.com/home/. The film also has a presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

Knightware (Phyllis) met the filmmaker a few years ago and was extremely impressed with his talent and vision.  Knightware made a financial contribution in support of this project.

Each of these films deserves the support of the amateur astronomy community. We hope you enjoy them!

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